The role of inhibition in belief-desire reasoning
Ori Friedman
Rutgers University, Center for Cognitive Science
The role of inhibition in belief-desire reasoning
Feb 06
   Ori Friedman    (Rutgers University, Center for Cognitive Science)


What is the relationship between performance on belief-desire reasoning tasks, such as the false belief task, and inhibitory processing? In this talk I review the two most detailed models of this relationship: the Inhibition of Inhibition Model and the Inhibition of Return Model. I then present a series of experiment conducted on children and adults that test between these two models. Findings from children reveal a new bias in belief-desire reasoning, and support the Inhibition of Inhibition model. Findings from adults reveal a different bias, and are consistent with the Inhibition of Return Model.

Thus, the findings are consistent with both models, but at different developmental points. The findings suggest a developmental shift in the role that inhibitory processing plays in belief-desire reasoning.

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