Jan J. Koenderink Conference

Academic Building - Room 1180 on College Avenue Campus

Conference honoring Jan J. Koenderink's 75th Birthday:

Jan Koenderink, one of the world’s leading vision scientists, is a towering figure. Among the first vision researchers to develop interdisciplinary approaches in a wide variety of fields, he is a renaissance man par excellence. He is the author of two books and more than 650 peer reviewed articles.  We quote from gestaltrevision.be a list of areas in which he has made truly seminal contributions: "Empirical psychophysics of visual perception, empirical cognitive science of perception, theoretical neurophysiology of the senses, theoretical cognitive science, differential geometry of curves and surfaces in 3–space, mainly theoretical work in machine vision and image processing, history of science (optics, colorimetry, physiology), constructive optical and electronic engineering, philosophy of mind and consciousness…”

 With following speakers in attendance:


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