Proposed display sequence for Experiment II (Feature Search example):

A trial will began with subjects fixating the center of the screen. When subjects press a button, 9 placeholders (gray X's) will appear.


After 1 sec., a cue will appear to either the right or the left of the placeholder image. Subjects will look at the cue.

600 msec after the saccade is detected, 3 late onset X's will appear.

100 msec later, they will disappeare.

48 msec later, they will reappear. This will be a signal to subjects to send their eyes back into the main image in order to search for the target in one of the 3 late onset locations.

During the saccade, there will be no display change. The world will be visually the same both before and after the eye movement


At some point into the saccade, all the X's will change to either red or green titled lines. Note that a search among the objects in the 3 late onset locations will constitute a feature search. However, if subjects search the entire display, it will be a conjunction search.