We are excited to announce that the Center for Cognitive Science now offers a Bachelors Degree in Cognitive Science (B.A.). Beginning Fall 2017, students will be able to declare the new Cognitive Science Major using myMajor. Click here for more info. 

2017 syrett Presidential Fellowship 2 smallCongratulations to Dr. Kristen Syrett who received the award "In recognition of her passionate dedication to teaching and mentoring, her ability to make materials relevant to students and her strong commitment to providing direct research experience to undergraduates."

2017 persci forum

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nic schrum defenseCongrats to Nic Schrum, CogSci Individualized Major student, who defended his IHT on April 21, 2017. Nic's Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis (IHT) advisors are Karin Stromswold (primary) and Paul de Lacy (secondary). 

Nic is going be a graduate student at University of Connecticut, where he will specialize in syntax.

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