jack gallant julesz talkPhotos from the event and a video recording of Dr. Jack L. Gallant's talk "From pixels to objects: How the brain builds a rich representation of the natural visual world" are now available (click here).

Chinese Preschool PathThe book "Preschool Pathways to Science", authored by Dr. Rochel Gelman, which was already available in Mandarin using Complex Characters is now available using Simple Characters as well. 

julien musolino newsRuCCS Professor Julien Musolino will be a speaker, along with Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, Jerry Coyne and a number of other distinguished speakers at the "imagine NO RELIGION 7" conference. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit - http://www.imaginenoreligion.ca/

krysten syrett photoCongratulations to Dr. Kristen Syrett on her promotion to Associate Professor with tenure.

To learn more about Dr. Syrett's research, please click here for her website.

Sejal Mistry Fulbright smallWe are happy to announce that Biomathematics undergraduate student Sejal Mistry, member of the Sensory Motor Integration Lab has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar Fellowship to go to India and fight malnutrition. Congratulations Sejal!

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