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"Is Morality Innate?"

Marc Hauser is Harvard College Professor, Professor of Psychology, Organismic & Evolutionary Biology and Biological Anthropology, and Director of the Cognitive Evolution Lab at Harvard University.  Among other books, he is the author of Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think (Henry Holt, 2000) and Moral Minds (Ecco, 2006).


Jesse J. Prinz is the John J. Rogers Distinguished Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.  He is the author of The Emotional Construction of Morals (Oxford University Press, 2007) and Gut Reactions: A Perceptual Theory of Emotion (Oxford University Press, 2004).


Thomas Nagel is University Professor, Professor of Law, and Professor of Philosophy at New York University.  Among many other books, he is the author of The View From Nowhere (Oxford, 1986), Equality and Partiality  (Oxford, 1991), and Concealment and Exposure (Oxford, 2002).


Stephen Stich is Board of Governors Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University.  He is the author of Deconstructing the Mind  (Oxford University Press 1996), and Mindreading (Oxford University Press, 2003), among other books.  He gave the Jean-Nicod lectures in 2007.

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