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The policies of the Center are set forth by the Executive Council which has representation from several participating departments.

Faculty and researchers associated with RuCCS represent a variety of disciplines. The list below organizes faculty and researchers by their department of affiliation. Clicking on a person's name will direct you to their web page, where information regarding their research interests and recent publications may be found.


Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Thomas Papathomas (Laboratory of Vision Research(RuCCS))
papathom {at} rci.rutgers.edu

Visual perception of motion, stereo (depth), and texture, and the development of neurophysiologically plausible computational models.
Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS)
Dr. Mary Rigdon  (Center for Cognitive Science (RuCCS))
mrigdon {at} rci.rutgers.edu 

Decision Sciences, Behavioral and Experimental Economics
Computer Science
kostas bekris processed Dr. Kostas Bekris
kostas.bekris {at} cs.rutgers.edu

Motion and task planning for autonomous robots; Integration of perception and planning for manipulating and interacting with the physical world; Coordination of multiple physical agents, including human-robot interaction.
ahmed-elgammal Dr. Ahmed Elgammal
elgammal {at} cs.rutgers.edu

Computer Vision and Machine Learning;  statistical models for learning visual manifolds of objects; computational models for recognition of articulated objects; computational art history.
vladimir-pavlovic-processed Dr. Vladimir Pavlovic
vladimir {at} cs.rutgers.edu

Vladimir's research interests include Bayesian system modeling, time-series analysis, and statistical computer vision. More recently, his research has focused on modeling of human emotions and affect, as well as design of fast, robust, face tracking and identification systems. He is also interested in modeling and analysis of human crowd behavior from the perspective of distributed sensing and decision making systems.
Dr. Matthew Stone  (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
mdstone {at} rutgers.edu

Reasoning systems for natural language generation and human-computer interaction; formal models of plans, context and mutual knowledge, and linguistic meaning and interpretation.
Dr. Mark Baker  (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
mabaker {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Comparative syntax, linguistic universals, semantic roles, Amerindian and African languages.
processed simon charlow Dr. Simon Charlow
simon.charlow {at} rutgers.edu

Formal semanticist working on scope and binding, questions and indefiniteness, focus, dynamic semantics, continuations and monads, ellipsis, and their interactions, especially interested in using insights from other disciplines (in particular, theoretical computer science) to address fundamental questions in linguistic theory.
  Dr. Paul de Lacy  
delacy {at} rutgers.edu

The phonetics-phonology interface; articulatory and acoustic phonetics; phonological theory; field methods; markedness and universals.
Dr. Jane Grimshaw  (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
grimshaw {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Representation and acquisition of lexical information; development of minimalist and optimality-based theories of phrase structure and functional projections.
Dr. Kristen Syrett (Center for Cognitive Science (RuCCS))
k-syrett {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Language acquisition and development, semantics, syntax-semantics interface, pragmatics, prosody, representation and processing
Dr. Bruce Tesar  (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
tesar {at} rutgers.edu

Computational models of language learning, phonology, Optimality Theory, the role of linguistics within cognitive science.
thony gillies processed Dr. Thony Gillies
thonyg {at} gmail.com

I work on stuff about how rational(ish) but imperfectly informed agents like us communicate about and operate in an unpredictable world like ours full of other agents. I like proving things (if it’s not too hard) so I tend to be interested in formal models of said stuff. I also have a hobby interest in various parts of the decision sciences.
Dr. Alvin Goldman  (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
goldman {at} philosophy.rutgers.edu

Simulationist versus theory-theory approaches to mindreading, including reading emotion in faces; self-knowledge, self-report, and consciousness; descriptive and normative issues in reasoning; folk ontology.
Dr. Ernest Lepore (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
lepore {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Philosophy of language and philosophy of mind.
Dr. Brian McLaughlin
brianmc {at} rci.rutgers.edu

The nature of cognitive architecture, including the connectionism/classicism debate; psychosemantics and the theory of meaning for mental representations.
Dr. Susana Schellenberg 
susanna.schellenberg {at} rutgers.edu 

Perceptual content and mental content more generally, attention, perceptual evidence, the relationship between the phenomenological and epistemological role of perceptual experience, the situation-dependency of perceptual experience, imagination, mental capacities
Dr. Stephen Stich  (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
sstich {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Nature and viability of commonsense (or "folk") psychology, moral cognition & moral reasoning and rationality.
  Dr. Gretchen Chapman (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
gbc {at} rci.rutgers.edu 

Cognitive Psychology/Intradisciplinary Health
Dr. Jacob Feldman (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
jacob {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Formal, computational and empirical studies of categorization, shape representation, grouping and perceptual inference in visual perception.
pernille-hemmer-processed Dr. Pernille Hemmer
pernille.hemmer {at} rutgers.edu

The influence of prior knowledge on memory and decision making in naturalistic environments.
  Dr. Eileen Kowler  (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
kowler {at} rci.rutgers.edu

Study of the sensory cues, spatial representations and cognitive factors that guide patterns of smooth and saccadic eye.
Dr. Alan Leslie  (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
aleslie {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Conceptual development and the representation of the physical world, of Agency, and of "theory of mind" in infants and preschoolers; also their impairment in autism.
processed john mcgann Dr. John P. McGann
john.mcgann {at} rutgers.edu

Research in my laboratory employs neurophsyiological, behavioral, and theoretical methods to explore how humans and rodent models learn information about the world and apply this knowledge to the neural processing of incoming sensory stimuli. We are also interested in how dysfunction in these processes could manifest in mental and neurological disorders.
melchi michel processed Dr. Melchi Michel
melchi.michel {at} rutgers.edu

Study of visual search and saccadic eye movements, short-term visual memory, perceptual learning and cue integration. Formal computational and ideal observer modeling of visual tasks and of population coding in visual cortex.
Dr. Julien Musolino  (Center for Cognitive Science (RuCCS))
julienm {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Specializes in psycholinguistics and research focuses on language acquisition and language processing.
Dr. Manish Singh  (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
manish {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Formal and empirical study of visual object and surface representations. Part-based description of object shape; Computation of surface structure under partial occlusion and transparency; Visual attention.
Dr. Karin Stromswold (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
kstrom {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Language acquisition and learnability theory; the cognitive and neural bases of language, language acquisition, and language processing; studies of sentence processing using neuroimaging.
Dr. Elizabeth Torres  (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
ebtorres {at} rci.rutgers.edu

My interest lies in the study of voluntary actions in general and the emergence of symbolic intelligence from them. In particular, I have been studying natural voluntary arm movements in the context of reaching for and grasping an object, obstacle avoidance, the acquisition and retrieval of a motor program, and more recently on the performance of a parietal patient and of patients with Parkinson's disease. I am also doing research on autism.
Dr. David Vicario  
vicario {at} rci.rutgers.edu

Neuroethology. Using behavioral, neurophysiological, and anatomical methods in songbirds to study sensory and motor processes that subserve vocal learning, including auditory memory, perception, and production of learned vocalizations.
Dr. Stephen Jose Hanson  (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
jose {at} psychology.rutgers.edu

Research focuses on learning, categorization, connectionist models, neural networks, cognitive, mathematical and computational modeling.
Dr. Michael Lewis  (Center for Cognitive Science(RuCCS))
lewis {at} rwjms.rutgers.edu

Emotional development and the role of cognition. Cognition, attribution and psychopathology. Face-voice integration in ASD.
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