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Associates housed in various departments who play an active role in the intellectual life of the Center.

Faculty and researchers associated with RuCCS represent a variety of disciplines. The list below organizes faculty and researchers by their department of affiliation. Clicking on a person's name will direct you to their web page, where information regarding their research interests and recent publications may be found.

Computer Science
  Dr. Alex Borgida
borgida {at}

Development of languages and models for knowledge representation and reasoning.
abdeslam_boularias_small Dr. Abdeslam Boularias
boularias {at}

Machine learning, robotics, planning and learning in partially observable domains, reinforcement learning.
Dr. Mubbasir Kapadia
mubbasir.kapadia {at}

Aims to develop agent-centric models for simulating crowd dynamics that challenge foundational assumptions in crowd modeling, while providing solutions that are validated using comparisons to real data, and virtual reality experiments. These solutions can be used to optimize the behavioral dynamics of real crowds and model the relationships between crowd flow and environment features, with applications in predictive analytics and crowd management, and environment layout design. His other research interests include real-time multi-agent planning, character animation for autonomous virtual humans, and digital storytelling.
Dr. Casimir Kulikowski
kulikows {at}

Image interpretation using planning and learning techniques; methods of theory formation for classification, configuration, planning and design problems with biomedical applications.
Dr. Dimitris Metaxas  (Biomedical Engineering)
dnm {at}

American Sign Language and Gesture recognition from video, human identification and intent recognition from video, human computer interaction, shape and motion representation for recognition.
konstantinos michmizos Dr. Konstantinos Michmizos
konstantinos.michmizos {at} 

Basic Research: Computational Modeling of Sensorimotor Behavior, Psychophysics, Functional Neuroimaging
Applied research: Rehabilitation Games for children with disabilities, Robotic Neurorehabilitation
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Kristin Dana
kdana {at}

Computer vision and graphics; computational models for object appearance and image texture with applications in pattern recognition and scene rendering; optical systems for measurements of surface appearance.
Dr. Peter Meer
meer {at}

Application of modern statistical methods to computer vision and pattern recognition; probabilistic algorithms for machine vision problems; representation of semantical visual information.
Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology
Dr. Louis Sass (Psychology)
lsass {at}

Philosophy and psychopathology (especially disorders of self); phenomenological philosophy; Wittgenstein; philosophical aspects of psychoanalysis.
La Salle University, Department of Psychology
Dr. Sharon Lee Armstrong
armstrong {at}

Clinical Counseling Psychology
Lexical Research
  Robert Krovetz
rkrovetz {at}

Word sense disambiguation and lexical semantics; morphology; multiword expressions; applications of natural language processing to education and information retrieval.
Dr. Veneeta Dayal
dayal {at}

Semantic theory and the syntax-semantics interface from a cross-linguistic perspective.
Dr. Viviane Deprez
deprez {at}

Theoretical and comparative syntax of natural languages focusing on models of parameterization for deriving grammars from universal principles.
Dr. Kenneth Safir
safir {at}

Syntactic theory; explanation of anaphora crosslinguistically and across the boundaries of syntax, semantics, pragmatics and language acquisition; formal learnability theory as applied to language acquisition.
Dr. Eduardo Sontag
sontag {at}

Alternative models of computation and the mathematical theory of neural networks.
Ohio State University
craige roberts Dr. Craige Roberts
roberts {at}

I study linguistic semantics and pragmatics, and am also interested in closely related issues in the philosophy of language.
Dr. Frances Egan
fegan {at}

Philosophy of mind and psychology, the epistemology of science and the explanatory role of representational content in computational psychology.
Dr. Barry Loewer
loewer {at}

Philosophical problems concerning intentionality and consciousness; issues of non-monotonic reasoning.
Dr. Robert Matthews
rjm {at}

Foundations of cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics; intentional states and propositional attitude ascriptions; learnability properties of linguistic theories.
shana cole Dr. Shana Cole
shana.cole {at} 

Social cognitive and perceptual processes involved in successful goal pursuit; self-regulation and self-control.
Dr. Arnold Glass
aglass {at}

Computer models of syntactic parsing and language comprehension.
Dr. Judith Hudson
jhudson {at}

Cognitive development; autobiographic memory and development of planning skills.
Dr. Terry Wilson
tewilson {at}

Behavior therapy; social learning theory; treatment of eating disorders.
Department of Psychiatry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
processed brian keane Dr. Brian Keane
brian.keane {at}

Perceptual organization—how it works in healthy individuals and how it goes wrong among those with schizophrenia; the clinical and neural implications of visual abnormalities in psychotic disorders; how the mind constructs/maintains representations of objects.
School of Communication and Information
Dr. Nicholas Belkin
belkin {at}

Human interaction with information, particularly in information retrieval.
sunyoung kim Dr. Sunyoung Kim {at}

Human-Computer Interaction, interaction design, mobile and ubiquitous computing, healthcare, everyday wellbeing, environmental sustainability, behavior change
Spanish and Portuguese
Dr. Nuria Sagarra
nuria.sagarra {at}

Psycholinguistics: linguistic and cognitive factors modulating morphosyntactic processing in adult learners (e.g., executive control, cognitive load, language experience), using behavioral (eye tracking, self-paced reading) and electrophysiological (ERPs) techniques.
Dr. Liliana Sanchez 
lsanchez {at}

Bilingual acquisition of syntax. Convergence and crosslinguistic influence in syntactic representations in bilinguals
William Paterson University of New Jersey
Dr. Daniel Kolak  (Department of Philosophy)
kolakd {at}

Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic, Philosophy of Physics.

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