Emeritus Faculty

Center for Cognitive Science (RuCCS)
Dr. Lila Gleitman
gleitman {at} psych.upenn.edu 

Psycholinguistics: morphological and syntactic structure. Language acquisition: representation of the soundwave; syntax; construction of the lexicon.

Dr. Zenon Pylyshyn (Psychology)
zenon {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Studies of visual attention and preattentive location indexing with application to visual tracking, perceptual- motor coordination, and teleoperation; empirical constraints on cognitive architecture, especially for imagery.

Computer Science
Dr. L. Thorne McCarty
Dr. Alan Prince
prince {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Phonological theory and the cognitive science of language; interaction of universal constraints on representational well-formedness to define grammatical systems.

Dr. Jerry Fodor
fodor {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Philosophical problems about psychology, including theoretical and experimental investigations of cognitive architecture, psycholinguistics and cognitive development.

Dr. Charles Gallistel
galliste {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Fully automated, highly diagnostic behavioral screens for abilities in learning and memory in the mouse and zebra fish. Also, animal cognition: spatial, temporal, and numerical learning and reasoning in animals.

Dr. Rochel Gelman
rgelman {at} ruccs.rutgers.edu

Causal and quantitative reasoning, constraints on concept acquisition, and the role of informal environments (e.g., in cognitive development).

Dr. Charles Schmidt
Professor of Psychology and Computer Science, FAS-NB; Ph.D., Iowa

Human and machine planning; plan recognition; problem solving and learning


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