Perceptual Science Series

The perceptual organization of orientation-defined textures: Differential geometry, psychophysics, and visual cortex
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Orientation-defined textures (ODT) are of a particular significance to low and intermediate level vision, and here we investigate them from a computational, psychophysical, and physiologicial perspectives.  Geometrically, we show that two curvatures arise, which describes the textures local behavior and which are used to develop a theory of ODT "good continuation" that extends common terminology from Gestalt psychology.  Computationally, we then use this theory for the contextual organization of globally (piecewise-) coherent flows from noisy and locally incoherent measurements, a biologically motivated computation which we apply and demonstrate on texture, shading, and color images.  We further extend the formal analysis to novel psychophysical findings in orientation-based texture segmentation, as well as to a new functional explanation for basic aanatomical features of the primary visual cortex.

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