RuCCS Colloquia

Perceiving Persisting Objects
Brian Scholl
Yale University, Department of Psychology
Perceiving Persisting Objects

�� Brian Scholl
Yale University, Department of Psychology


Visual experience consists of more than individual snapshots of the world: we must bind individual views over time into a coherent dynamic experience.� Not only must we perceive objects, but we must see them as the *same* objects over time and motion.� While a tremendous amount of research has explored static object representations, surprisingly little has focused on the factors which underlie the representation of persisting objects, beyond low-level motion mechanisms.� I will describe and demonstrate several new projects from our laboratory which explore three primary aspects of object persistence:� (1) Surprising new studies of 'sustained inattentional blindness', highlighting the extent to which we can completely fail to be consciously aware of salient persisting objects in the first place;� (2) Studies of object-specific priming and attentive tracking which begin to reveal the underlying 'rules' by which the visual system determines when objects do and do not persist;� and (3) Studies of ambiguous motion displays (including work on the perception of causality) which reveal the additional rules which help determine 'which went where', in situations involving multiple moving objects.� Each of these research strands will involve perceptually salient demonstrations of various types.� Collectively, they begin to reveal how the mind weaves coherent persisting visual representations out of fragmented snapshots of the world.

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