"What is Cognitive Science?" Talks

"What is Cognitive Science?" Talk Series

Thursdays, Psychology Building 101, 12:00pm

Fall 2015 Schedule

Sep 10 E. J. Green   (Graduate Student, Rutgers University, Department of Philosophy and Center for Cognitive Science)
Objects, Object Files, and Object Principles
Oct 15 Dr. Ashwani Monga   (Rutgers University, School of Business, Department of Marketing)
Understanding Time
Oct 22 Dr. Frances Egan   (Rutgers University, Department of Philosophy)
Understanding Computational Models of Mind
Oct 29 Dr. Lisa Miracchi   (University of Pennsylvania, Department of Philosophy)
In Virtue of Explanations in Cognitive Science
Nov 12 Dr. David Chalmers   (New York University, Department of Philosophy) (NOTE: The location of this talk has been revised to the Busch Student Center, Center Hall, 604 Bartholomew Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854)
Extended Cognition and Extended Consciousness
Dec 10 Dr. Barry Sopher   (Rutgers University, Department of Economics)
Efficiency Enhancing Communication in Bilateral Bargaining and in Social Dilemmas

"What is Cognitive Science?"

This lunchtime talks series is designed to introduce the University community to issues in Cognitive Science. Cognitive Science is one the the few fields where modern developments in computer science and artificial intelligence promise to shed light on classical problems in psychology and the philosophy of the mind. Ancient questions of how we see the world, understand language, and reason, and questions such as 'how a material system can know about the outside world', are being explored with the powerful new conceptual prosthetics of computer modeling.

The talks in this lunchtime lecture series are every Thursday during the Fall semester from ** 12:00-1:00 ** in the Psychology Building, Room 101 on Busch Campus..

Note: Talks are also announced by email (with reminders sent the day of the talk) to people who have requested to be placed on our announce list. If you would like to be added to our announce list, please email Sue Cosentino ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


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