Spring 2018




Feb. 26-27 Alvin Goldman Retirement Conference  Alexander Library, College Ave. Campus
Apr. 13 RuCCS Honoring the Legacy of Jerry Fodor New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick
Apr. 14 RuCCS Current Investigations in Bilingualism Philosophy Department, College Ave. Campus
Apr. 17 RuCCS Panel Discussion: The social/Ethical Implications of AI Voorhees Hall, College Ave. Campus
Apr. 23 "Visual representation under the surface of awareness"
RuCCS/LVR 5th Béla Julesz Lecture on Brain Research -
Dov Sagi, Weizmann Institute of Science
Fiber Optics Materials Research Building, Busch Campus
Apr. 27-28 Rutgers-Bochum Mind and Language Workshop Philosophy Dept., College Ave. Campus
May 1 RuCCS Annual Perceptual Science Forum  CoRE Building Lobby, Busch Campus
May 25 RuCCS Conference in Honor of Jan J. Koenderink Academic Building, College Ave. Campus
May 30-June 1 "Computation, Cognition and the Brain"
RuCCS/Psychology/Computer Science Computational
Neuroscience Workshop
Academic Building, College Ave. Campus
TBD Rutgers University: Honoring the Legacy of Jerry Fodor TBD

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