RuCCS is well-known for its commitment to developmental cognitive science. We believe that development is not itself a distinct topic area, but rather that developmental questions are central to every topic area in cognitive science. This is reflected in the interests of the core RuCCS faculty listed below.

We have two core labs that are devoted to the study of cognitive development, Rochel Gelman's Cognitive Development and Learning Lab and Alan Leslie's Cognitive Development Lab. Both labs are equipped for work with young children and infants. The development of vision is also studied in the Kowler lab. Both the Musolino and Stromswold labs focus on the acquisition of language. All of these labs are in the same building as RuCCS.

The acquisition of concepts is a long-standing and active interest of philosopher, Jerry Fodor. Lila Gleitman studies the acquisition of syntax and is a visiting professor at RuCCS each fall term. We have a number of linguists with strong interests in universal grammar and learnability, including Alan Prince, Jane Grimshaw, Mark Baker, and Bruce Tesar.

Core faculty with developmental interests:

  • Jerry Fodor (Philosophy and RuCCS)
  • Rochel Gelman (Psychology and RuCCS) 
  • Lila Gleitman (U. Penn, Psychology and RuCCS) 
  • Eileen Kowler (Psychology and RuCCS) 
  • Alan Leslie (Psychology and RuCCS) 
  • Julien Musolino (Psychology and RuCCS) 
  • Karin Stromswold (Psychology and RuCCS)
  • Kristen Syrett (Linguistics and RuCCS)

A number of RuCCS affiliates also have labs devoted to the study of development (see List of Affiliates).

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