Karin Stromswold, MD PhD
Department of Psychology
Center for Cognitive Science
Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Busch Psychology Building, Room 233
152 Frelinghuysen Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Fax: (732) 445-6715
Email: karin@ruccs.rutgers.edu

Language Acquistion and Processing Lab
Busch Psychology Building, Rooms 112, 114, 115 & 121b
Phone: (732) 445-4309
Fall 2009 lab meetings: TBA


Research in my lab investigates the cognitive and neural bases of language, from a multidisciplinary perspective.   Research projects fall into the following six general areas:
1. Normal language acquisition
2. Abnormal language acquisition
3.  Genetics of language and language disorders
4. Functional neuroimaging studies of language
5. Language processing by children and adults
6. Perinatal factors affecting language development

Research Opportunities
Members of Stromlab (Language Acquisition & Processing Lab)


Lecture notes & up-to-date versions of syllabi are located on the courses' sakai websites.

Fall 2009

Psychology of Language lecture course (Psych 351/Ling 371)

Spring 2009

Language Acquisition (Psych 353/Ling 373)

Sampling of Stromswold's other courses

Psychology of Language lab course (Psych 352)

Advanced Topics in Cognitive Science (Cogsci 411)

Graduate Seminar in Psycholinguistics    (Psych 602)

Graduate Seminar in Language Acquisition   (Psych 550/Cogsci 601)

Graduate Seminar in Neurolinguistics (Psych 513)

Other Rutgers cog sci & lang sites

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