Bruce Tesar

Associate Professor
Department of Linguistics / Center for Cognitive Science
PhD., University of Colorado at Boulder, 1995

Office: Room 302, 18 Seminary Place, CAC
E-mail: <my_last_name> <at> rutgers <dot> edu
Phone: 848-932-0492

Office Hours for Spring 2014: Mondays 11:30-12:30, or by appt.

My research focuses on human language learning, primarily in phonology. My primary obsession for the last several years has been the learning of phonological underlying forms.

Output-Driven Phonology

My new (Dec. 2013) book is half phonological theory and half learnability: Output-Driven Phonology, Cambridge University Press.

Book Cover: Output-Driven Phonology

Recent Activity

Tesar, Bruce. Output-driven maps in phonology. Talk at WOPiG, Oct. 3, 2013.

Tesar, Bruce. When worst is best: Grammar construction in phonological learning. In The Proceedings of NELS 43.

Akers, Crystal. 2012. Commitment-Based Learning of Hidden Linguistic Structures. Doctoral Dissertation, Rutgers University, New Brunswick. 446 pages.

Tesar, Bruce. 2012. Learning Phonological Grammars for Output-Driven Maps. In The Proceedings of NELS 39.

Tesar, Bruce. Expressing (most of) Phonotactic Knowledge as Contrast. Talk at NECPhon5, Oct. 15, 2011.


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