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As a member of the Executive Council, you will have direct access to our staff and resources to help you all along the research lifecycle, from finding and securing funding to project completion and research dissemination. Click below to learn more about our staff members and how they can help you on your RuCCS related research initiatives.

RuCCS operates under the direction of John McGann.

Executive Council Faculty

Our Center provides researchers across multiple  disciplines to interact with each other as well as external researches and  laboratories.
  Dr. Sara Pixley
Executive Staff Director

Dr. Pixley can offer support in identifying RuCCS grant opportunities, as well as writing and submitting them for review.
  Lynn Flannery
Business Specialist

Lynn can complete budget analyses and year-end reconciliations for RuCCS accounts, and prepare financial budgets for RuCCS affiliated grant submissions.
Scientific Programmer

For RuCCS research initiatives, the programmer can program computer based experiments, set up data collection and analysis, and help with web and graphic design.
  Jo’Ann Meli
Senior Program Coordinator

Jo’Ann provides administrative support for RuCCS Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. 


Need Tech Support? Submit a work order with Radhames Camilo. He can help you set up, administer, maintain, and upgrade communication systems.