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Hristiyan (Chris) Kourtev

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Scientific Programmer

Room A111, Psychology Building Addition, Busch Campus

(848) 445-4380



How He Can Help

Chris is a valuable resource that is to be shared between the center's staff and labs. He can provide technical assistance and guidance to department members in the below areas related to computing. The list below is not comprehensive, and Chris can learn new technology and software as relevant to research initiatives.

  • Experiment programming, data collection and analysis for the following environments:
    • Web Based Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) using PsiTurk. PsiTurk is an Amazon MTurk interface that allows you to quickly develop and deploy more interactive and visually sophisticated experiments than possible via the MTurk controls. These experiments are traditionally 2D but Chris is currently working on integrating a 3D rending library that will enable experiments using 3D stimuli. 
    • Matlab and Psychtoolbox, including 2D and 3D (both stereo and non-stereo) 
    • Eye tracking with Eyelink and SR Experiment Builder
    • Mobile/Touchscreen Experiments for Android and iOS based devices
  • Graphic design and 2D/3D stimuli creation for simulations and 3D printing
  • Web Design and Dynamic Database Driven Web Application Development 


Hristiyan has a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and M.S. in Computer Science from Rutgers University.  He has over 15+ years of programming experience and has been at The Center since 2008. During his time here he has worked with all labs assisting them with various IT issues, web and application development, experiment programming, data analysis and more. 

Contact Info

Hristiyan (Chris) Kourtev
Scientific Programmer
Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science (RuCCS) 
152 Frelinghuysen Road, A111, Busch Campus
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854
Phone: (848) 445-4380
Email: hkourtev@ruccs.rutgers.edu