Deborah J. Aks, PhD

1 Hurley St, Keyport, NJ 07735 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | (848) 702-8713
Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science, Piscataway, NJ | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Areas of expertise: 

  • Perceptual & Cognitive Science, Research Methodology, Data Analysis, Dynamics of human behavior.
  • Experimental design & supervision of projects involving visual search and object tracking,
  • University Teaching & Mentoring



1985-1993        M.A. & Ph.D.– Experimental Psychology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. 
1980-1984        B.A. – Psychology, State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton, N.Y 


Academic positions

2013-Current.  Instructor/ Research Mentor--Cognitive Science
2006-Current   Research Associate -- Rutgers University: Center for Cognitive Science
1993-2005       Tenured Associate Professor of Psychology – University of Wisconsin – Whitewater



  • 25+ years of university teaching and research experience. 
  • Developed, organized & supervised over 70 research projects.
  • Set up & supervised (1) Eye-tracking laboratory at Rutgers University (2005-present), and
  • (2) Computer instructional laboratory at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater (1995-2005) used extensively in my Research Methods and other University courses.
  • Taught students critical reasoning skills, and how to conduct methodical experiments to answer scientific questions.
  • Lead many tutorials, lectures & discussion groups.


Skills & Interests

Teaching & Mentoring

Research & Experimental Design




Recent Activites (2009-2014)

Collaborative Research, Teaching, & Advising 

My research at Rutgers University has been a blend of teaching, and mentoring undergraduate & graduate students.  Much of this work has been done in collaboration with Zenon Pylyshyn, and has culminated in research presentations listed below. 

Teaching:   2006 to 2015:  

  • Spring 2015:  Instructor.  SAS Honors Seminar at Rutgers University: Applying Cognitive Science to real & virtual worlds. 
  • Fall 2014 & 2015: Instructor.  Byrne Freshman Seminar at Rutgers University: Applying Cognitive Science to real & virtual worlds.
  • Summer 2014 & 2015:  Instructor.  Adult Sailing Instruction at Keyport Yacht Club, 115 Front St. Keyport, NJ 
  • Summer 2013:  Instructor.  Cognitive Science: An interdisciplinary Approach.   Hybrid Undergraduate Course (Online & In-class).

Research (2009-2014)

  • Eye-tracking; Attention & Perception
  • Multiple Object Tracking and Visual Search.
  • Search and Tracking dynamics
  • Application of non-linear based analyses (i.e., Fractal & Recurrence Analyses)

Invited Speaker (2009-2014)

Invited Chapters (2009-2014)

  • Aks, D., (2011). Analysis of recurrence: Overview & application to eye-movement behavior. Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Analysis of human behavior.(Chap. 10). NY: Cambridge University Press.
  • Aks, D. J. (2009). Studying temporal and spatial patterns in perceptual behavior: Implications for dynamical structure. In S. Guastello, M. Koopmans, & D. Pincus (Eds.), Chaos and Complexity in Psychology: The Theory of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (Chap. 5). NY: Cambridge University Press.

Meeting Demonstration of Visual-Perceptual Illusion

  • Deborah J. Aks, Hristyian Kourtev, Harry Haladjian, and Zenon Pylyshyn, Rutgers University; Jiye Shen, SR-Research Ltd. (May, 2011). Blink-Induced-Blindness (BIB) in Multiple-Object-Tracking (MOT) shows when vision does not extrapolate. (

Meeting Presentations & Published Abstracts (2009-2014):