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Dr. Elizabeth Torres' work on autism was featured on the SFARI (Simon Foundation Autism Research Institute) website in an article titled "Movement patterns may distinguish autism subgroups" by Sarah DeWeerdt 10/19/2012.

Analysis of the movement patterns of people with autism suggests a new approach to classifying the disorder, as well as opportunities for individualized treatment, according to research presented at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in New Orleans.

Motor difficulties are common among people with autism, although they are not considered one of the core features of the disorder.

In a new study, Elizabeth Torres and her colleagues analyzed thousands of movements made by several dozen adults and children with and without autism in ....

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(click here to watch the video and read the full article on the SFARI (Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative) Website

Dr Torres' research was also featured on the Rutgers Focus website: "Rutgers Sensory Motor Integration Lab Pioneering New Method of Detecting Autism" by Carrie Stetler 

Could a team at Rutgers University revolutionize the way autism is diagnosed and treated? Elizabeth Torres, a Rutgers computational neuroscientist, thinks they can.

Torres and her fellow researchers have developed a method of measuring minute fluctuations in body movements to potentially reveal, as early as infancy, whether the developmental trajectory of a child is off the typical course, says Torres, who worked on the project with help from researchers at ...

(click here to watch the videos and read the full article on the Rutgers Focus website)


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