Welcome to the Center for Cognitive Science

Current Lab Members

Dr. Alan M. Leslie, Director, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science 

Dr. Lu Wang, Graduate Student (Psychology & Cog Sci) Defended April 2014
Sydney Levine, Graduate Student (Psychology & Cog Sci)
Michelle Cheng, Graduate Student (Psychology & Cog Sci)
Gala Stojnic, Graduate Student (Psychology & Cog Sci)
Alex D'Esterre, Lab Manager


Past and present collaborators, former students, former post-docs, etc.

Renee Baillargeon, Alumni Professor, Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaigne, IL
Sara T. Baker, University Lecturer, Psychology and Education, Cambridge University, England
Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor, Experimental Psychology, Cambridge University, England
Szilvia Biro, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Leiden University, Holland
Ori Friedman, Associate Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada
Uta Frith FRS, Professor, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Univ. London, UK
Tamsin C.German, Associate Professor, Psychology, UC Santa Barbara
D. Geoff Hall, Professor, Psychology, University of British Columbia
Bruce Hood, Professor, Experimental Psychology, Bristol University, UK
Zsuzsa Káldy, Associate Professor, Psychology, UMass, Boston
Melissa Kibbe, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Josh Knobe, Assistant Professor, Philosophy, University of Maryland
Kris Onishi, Assistant Professor, Psychology, McGill University, Canada
Katya Saunders
, Post-doctoral Associate, New York University
Brian Scholl, Associate Professor, Psychology, Yale University
Luca Surian, Professor, Center for Mind/Brain Studies, University of Trento, Italy
Claudia Uller, Lecturer, Psychology, University of Essex, England
Deena Weisberg, Post-doctoral Research Associate, UPenn, Philadelphia
Fei Xu, Professor, Psychology, University of California, Berkeley

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