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On Monday, May 7th, 2012 The 6th Annual Perceptual Science Forum took place in the CoRE Building Atrium & Auditorium on Busch Campus. 

The event began with a keynote address by Dr. Alex Berg from the Stony Brook University, Department of Computer Science. Dr. Berg spoke about "Large Scale Recognition in Computer Vision". 

Recognition in computer vision is beginning to work -- one of the hot current lines of inquiry is what we should be recognizing. Recent work -- our own and others -- has explored increasing the "label space" for recognition toward large numbers of semantic labels embedded in a hierarchy, toward multiple attribute labels, and toward detailed spatial parsing. Predictions of these labels are improving results on problems from face recognition to large scale similar image retrieval. At the same time there are unavoidable challenges in large scale computation that must be met. I will present some of our results in each of these directions and try to motivate some of the wide open problems in this area.

The poster session followed shortly afterwards and included the following posters:

  • Jordan Ash, Jay Ravaliya, James Hughes, Brian Keane, Anshul Jain, Qasim Zaidi, and Thomas V. Papathomas.  “Familiarity Dominates Shape-From-Motion Signals in the Concave-to-Convex 3D Illusion".
  • Karen Bemis, Deborah Silver, James Chiang, Daniel Halpern, Kyong Eun Oh, and Marilyn Tremaine.  “Separating the Representation from the Science:  Training Students in Comprehending 3D Diagrams”.
  • Steven A. Cholewiak, Manish Singh, and Roland Fleming.  “Visual Adaptation to Physical Stability of Objects”.
  • Tarek El-Gaaly, Marwan Torki, Ahmed Elgammal, and Maneesh Singh.  “RGBD Pose Recognition Using Local-global Multi-kernel Regression”.
  • Ali Elqursh, and Ahmed Elgammal.  “Figure Ground Segmentation from a Moving Camera”.
  • Vicky Froyen, O. Daglar Tanrikulu, Manish Singh, and Jacob Feldman.  “Stereo-slant: a Novel Method for Measuring Figure-ground Assignment”.
  • Timothy Gerstner, Doug DeCarlo, Marc Alexa, Adam Finkelstein, Yotam Gingold, and Andrew Nealen.  “Pixelated Image Abstraction”.
  • Edinah K. Gnang, Ahmed Elgammal, and Vladimir Retakh.  “Spectral Theory for Tensors”.
  • Matthew Inverso, John Wilder, and Jacob Feldman.  “The Effect of Complexity on Contour Detection”.
  • Nora Isacoff, Tina Hou-Imerman, and Karin Stromswold.  “Is Lexical Organization Linguistically Relative?  Evidence from English and Mandarin”.
  • Robert W. Isenhower, Dimitris N. Metaxas, and Elizabeth B. Torres.  “Objective Metrics for Cognitive-Dependent Motor Learning Gains”.
  • Gwendolyn L. Johnson, Polina Yanovich, Lillian Yang, Gina DiFeo, Min Zhao, Elio M. Santos, Nick Ross, and Elizabeth B. Torres.  What do we see in each other?:  How the Perception of Movement Drives Social Interaction".
  • Marley D. Kass, Andrew H. Moberly, Stephanie A. Guang, Michelle C. Rosenthal, and John P. McGann.  “Odorant Exposure Can Decorrelate Primary Odor Representations and Improve Odor Discrimination in Adult Mice”.
  • Gaurav Kharkwal, and Karin Stromswold.  “The Curious Case of Noisy Sentences”.
  • Jongpil Kim, and Vladimir Pavlovic.  “Attribute Rating for Classification of Visual Objects”.
  • Seha Kim, Manish Singh, and Jacob Feldman.  “Negative Parts and Local Reversal of Figure and Ground”.
  • Kai Lu, Tom Ziv, and David Vicario.  “Discrimination of Acoustic Sequences in Songbird Auditory Forbrain”.
  • Brian McMahan, Leon Weingard, and Matthew Stone.  “Improving Dialogue Strategy and Utterance Generation by Learning from Conversation”.
  • Jillian Nguyen, Robert Isenhower Joshua Dobias, Polina Yanovich, Jay Ravaliya, Elizabeth Torres, and Thomas V. Papathomas.  “Intended and Spontaneous Motor Behavior under a 3D Perspective Visual Illusion”. 
  • Peter Pantelis, Kristen Sullivan, and Jacob Feldman.  “In Search of Perceptual Aftereffects along a Social Dimension”.
  • Puja Patel, Marta T. Suarez, and Julien Musolino.  “Preferences of Ambiguous Sentences with Multiple Interpretations by Adults”.
  • Kevin Sanik, Yotam Gingold, and Doug DeCarlo.  “Estimating the Perceived Surfaces of Computer Generated Line”.   
  • Elio M. Santos, Nicholas M. Ross, Cordelia D. Aitkin, Adrianna, Torres-Garcia, and Eileen Kowler.  “Anticipatory Smooth Eye Movements with Passive and Actively-controlled Target Motions”.
  • Turgay Senlet, and Ahmed Elgammal.  "A Framework for Global Vehicle Localization Using Stereo Images and Satellite and Road Maps".
  • Marilyn Tremaine, Kyong Eun Oh, Xiaojuan Ma, Karen Bemis, and Deborah Silver.  “It Depends on Which Way you cut it: Comprehending 3D Visualizations”.
  • Vanja Vlajnic, Yushi Wang, Steven M. Silverstein, Brian P. Keane, Deepthi Mikkilineni, Anna Zalokostas, and Thomas V. Papathomas.  "Reduced Depth Inversion Illusions with 3-D Faces and Scenes in Schizophrenia Depends on the Illness Severity but not on Stimulus Type".
  • Ari Weinstein, Michael L. Littman, and Sergiu Goschin.  “Rollout-based Game-tree Search”.
  • John Wilder, Jacob Feldman, and Manish Singh.  “Detection of Natural Shapes in Noise”.
  • Chia-Chien Wu, and Eileen Kowler.  “Timing of Saccadic Eye Movements during an Accumulative Visual Search Task”.
  • Wang Yan, Xiaoye Han, and Vladimir Pavlovic.  “Structured Learning for Multiple Object Tracking”.
  • L. Yang, and D.S. Vicario.  “Exposure to an Unfamiliar Acoustic Environment in Adulthood Alters Lateralized Processing”.
  • Polina Yanovich, Robert W. Isenhower, Jacob Sage, and Elizabeth B. Torres.  “Cognitive-dependent Changes in Spontaneous Control of the Hand Speed Emerge when Increasing the Cognitive Demands of a Habitual Task in Patients with Parkinsons Disease”. 
  • Seahoon Yi, and Vladimir Pavlovic.  “Sparse Granger Causality Graphs for Human Action Classification”.
  • Sejong Yoon, and Vladimir Pavlovic.  “Distributed Probabilistic 3D Structure-from-motion”.

IGERT in Interdisciplinary Perceptual Science, http://perceptualscience.rutgers.edu


Below are some photos of the poster session:


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