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The Individualized Major must consist of at least 36 credits. The courses listed below are recommended for students who are interested in an overview of cognitive science. To learn more about a course, click on the name to bring up the department’s course description and pre-requisites required (if any).

  1. One of the following courses: 01:185:201: Cognitive Science: A Multi-disciplinary Introduction, recitation included (4) and/or 01:185:301: Cognition and Decision Making, recitation included (4) and/or 01:185:310: The Concept of Concepts in Cognitive Science (3) and/or 01:185:320: Research Methods in Cognitive Science (3) and/or 01:185:410: Language and Cognition (3) and/or 01:185:411: Advanced Topics in Cognitive Science I, recitation included (4).

  2. 01:185:495: Research in Cognitive Science (minimum 3 credits). Students may also fulfill this requirement via Departmental Honors or College Honors courses.

  3. One or more of the following courses:
    01:198:107:  Computing for Math and Sciences (3)
    01:198:111:  Introduction to Computer Science (4)
    01:198:112:  Data structures (4)
    01:198:205:  Introduction to Discrete Structures I (4)
    01:198:440:  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (4)

  4. One or more of the following courses:
    01:615:201:  Introduction to Linguistic Theory (3)
    01:615:305:  Syntax (3)
    01:615:315:  Phonology (3)
    01:615:325:  Semantics (3)
    01:615:441:  Linguistics and Cognitive Science (3)

  5. One or more of the following courses:
    01:730:201:  Introduction to Logic (3)                 
    01:730:328:  Philosophy of Psychology (3)
    01:730:329:  Minds, Machines and Persons (3)
    01:730:360:  Philosophical Aspects of Cognitive Science (3)

  6. One or more of the following courses:
    01:830:301:  Sensation and Perception (3)
    01:830:305:  Cognition (3)                       
    01:830:351:  Psychology of Language (3)
    01:830:484:  Language Acquisition (3)


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