Cognition (305:03, Prof. Feldman, Fall 2015)

Course: Cognition (Psychology 305:03, Index number 18047)       

Professor: Jacob Feldman, A125, Busch Psychology Annex (email, website) and possibly guest lecturers.

Class time and place: Mondays and Thursdays, 10:20am—11:40am, Tillett 226

Readings: There is no textbook for this course. Readings are posted below, with links to Sakai. Additional readings will be assigned over the course of the semester and posted on Sakai. 

Course webpage:

Sakai page: Click here

      Additional readings will be posted in Resources on the Sakai site, and linked below. 

Professor's office hours: Thursdays, 12-1pm, A125, Room Psychology (Busch) Addition. Best to email me if you plan to visit.

Teaching Assistant: Serena De Stefani. Office hours: Wednesdays 10-11am, A134, Psychology (Busch) Addition.


Exams and grading

  1. (25% of grade) On-line quizzes: Sakai quizzes will be given weekly.
    Quizzes are 30 minutes long, and will be available on-line Fridays 7am - 7pm.
  2. (25% of grade) Midterm: Monday, Oct. 19, in class
  3. (10% of grade) Written assignments: Two brief essays (5% each) will be assigned over the course of the term. 
  4. (35% of grade) Final exam: Wednesday, Dec. 16, 12-3pm.



“Graduation insurance.” If this is your last semester and you need to pass this course in order to graduate on time, email me before the midterm. If you don’t ask before the midterm, “graduation insurance” will not be offered. 

Final grades are final. Once grades are assigned after the final exam, grade changes will not be considered. Don’t even ask. If you are having trouble with the material before that, email me or come to office hours. 

Academic integrity. Cheating and other violations of academic integrity will not be tolerated in this course. The university’s policy on academic integrity can be foundhere.

Weather alerts. If there is bad weather (e.g., snow or threat of snow), class may be canceled, even if the university remains open. If so, I will send an email to the entire class. So if you suspect bad weather please check your email before coming to class. 


Schedule of topics (dates approximate)






Sept. 3   Welcome    
Sept. 8 (TUES!), 10   The mind as a machine   Whitman, Ch. 1
Sept. 14   NO CLASS   -
Sept. 17, 21, 24   Roots of cognitive psychology   Turing articlePinker, The Blank Slate, Ch. 1
Sept. 28, Oct. 1   Neuroscience   Friedenberg & Silverman, ch. 6Quiroga et al. article
Oct. 5, Oct. 8   Perception   Goldstein, ch. 5
Oct. 12, 15   Attention   Revlin, ch. 2
Oct. 19   MIDTERM    
Oct. 22, 26, 29   Memory, Knowledge   Kellogg, ch. 4Kellogg, ch. 5
Nov. 2, 5   Concepts and Categories   Smith: Categorization
Nov, 9, 12   Language   Reed, ch. 10Wynne: Aping Language
Nov. 16, 19   Language (cont.)   -  
Nov. 23   Reasoning & Decision Making   Sternberg & Sternberg, ch. 12
Nov. 26   Thanksgiving; NO CLASS   -  
Nov. 30, Dec. 3, 7   Reasoning & Decision Making (cont.)   -
Dec. 10   Review Session    

Final: Wed., Dec. 16, 12-3pm (35% of grade)


Rules for on-line quizzes

1. Quizzes are open-book. You may consult your class notes, textbook, or other non-class sources. 

2. However, your answers must be your own. You must not communicate in any way, shape or form with other humans during the period the quiz is open. No other students may be in the room with you when you work on the quiz. 

3. You may not share the questions with anyone else after seeing them. That includes any method of communication: verbal, text, phone, semaphore, smoke signals, etc. Once you know the questions, keep them to yourself. 

4. Once you open the quiz, you have 45 minutes to finish.