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Rutgers Graduate Students Have Team Work Project Published


Congratulations to Gwendolyn L. Rehrig, Michelle Cheng, Brian C. McMahan and Rahul Shome (two in Psychology; two in Computer Science) who, with funding from the Perceptual Science IGERT (NSF), worked
as a team on a project as part of the IGERT-created Interdisciplinary Methods in Perceptual Science course. Their project, published recently in the journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, used an innovative active visual search task combined with Bayesian ideal observer modeling to show that people
have limited ability to learn to override semantic priors when searching for common objects within visual
scenes. The students worked as a team on all phases of the project, from initial design through manuscript
submission and acceptance, with exceptional levels of coordination and cooperation, contributing different aspects to the project and learning from one another.

The full reference is Rehrig, G.L., Cheng, M., McMahan, B.C. & Shome, R. (2021) Why are the batteries in the microwave?: Use of semantic information under uncertainty in a search task. Cognitive Research: Principles and Implication, 6:32, 1-22