Elizabeth Torres is a Rutgers' Professor and as well as part of Rutgers Center of Cognitive Sciences and Department of Psychology. Her area of focus is Cognitive Psychology. She received her PhD in Cognitive
Science in 2001 from the University of California, San Diego and did her Post-Doctoral training in electrophysiology at CALTECH. She has been on the faculty at Rutgers since 2008. Her research combines theory and experiments
to study how primates plan, execute, learn and adapt to natural voluntary motions. Torres recently extended computational measures of sensory-motor performance in adults to the developmental stages of pre-pubertal individuals. The main focus of the lab will assess a broad range of natural voluntary behaviors in children who
suffer from autism and other developmental disabilities. The main goal of this component of her research is to provide early intervention therapies to improve communication skills and social interactions in these young individuals. To learn more about this, check here.