head shot 2023

Dr. Ryan Rhodes is an Assistant Teaching Professor of Center for Cognitive Science at Rutgers University. He won 2nd place in the Cognitive Science Society's CogSci Mind Challenge winning a sum of $500, in which he had to create a five-minute video addressing a key question within Cognitive Science but for an audience of non-experts, particularly high school and early college students. The question for this competition was, “Can Machines Think?” He would also like to thank his brother Alex Rhodes and two of his former students Binghui “Russell” Rang and Maxwell Domanchich for their assistance with this project. In the video, Ryan takes you on a conversational walk through many thought-provoking settings and animations. He addresses key concepts through the metaphor of the clay golem and the ability of a rock (e.i. silicon computer chips) to think. Click here to learn more about his submission.