Oct. 23, 2017 - Panel Discussion: “Do we have an immaterial soul (or mind)?”

Many people believe that we possess an immaterial soul that will survive the death of our bodies. Recent advances in science and other fields have caused some to challenge this notion. Drawing on ideas from biology, psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy, a set of panel speakers with opposing views will debate this age-old question.

Speakers included the Director of RuCCS Dr. Brian McLaughlinDr. Mark Baker, Dr. Julien Musolino.

UPDATE: Event video and photos now available.


Speakers will include: the Director of the Center for Cognitive Science and Distiguished Professor of Philosophy, Brian McLaughlin, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Dean Zimmerman, Distinguished Professor and Chair of Linguistics, Mark Baker, and the author of the Soul Fallacy and Professor of Psychology, Julien Musolino.



Click here for event photos (will be taken to Google Photos)

UPDATE: We were extremely impressed by the turnout  (which exceeded capacity),  as well as the quality and thoughtfulness of the questions (which went on well past the end of the event). To say that you all were engaged with the topic was an understatement!

Given the interest in keeping the dialogue going, we wanted to share some additional content with you on the topic. 


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