How to set up and use your new RuCCS email

As you may know after the server outage earlier this week, RuCCS email accounts have been moved to the SAS mail servers. This is great news as the SAS servers are much more reliable, faster and provide better spam filtering.

The new accounts have a few great features which we didn't have before, such as Calendar, Tasks and Address Book.

You can access your new email accounts using the WebMail interface or by configuring an email client.

To access your email using the WebMail interface, please go to To log in type in your *entire* email address and your password. If your regular password doesn't work, please contact Hristiyan (Chris) Kourtev, our IT expert at 848-445-4380.

For information on how to set up your favorite email client, please go to:

If you already have an email client set up to check your mail using the IMAP protocol, here are a few parameters you need to update in order for it to work again:

  • update incoming mail server to ""
  • update incoming mail server username to your ENTIRE email address -, rather than just "aleslie", as before
  • update the password to the new one you use on the web interface.
  • make sure it uses SSL encryption (will result in changing the port number to 993)
  • outgoing mail server settings remain the same.

If you have an email client set up to check your mail using the POP3 protocol, you will need to do a fresh setup using IMAP (see the instructions link above for more details).

Once again we apologize for any inconvenience.