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Mental Note  is now accepting submissions for this year’s issue. Mental Note is an Academic Journal dedicated to Cognitive Science, aimed at publishing undergraduate research. We are looking for college-level research papers and theoretical works pertaining to the cognitive sciences. We expect all submitted papers to follow the guidelines described below:

Overview: Mental Note  does not accept full-length papers. Instead, we are looking for shorter submissions. Submissions should be no shorter than 1500 words, or about 3 pages single spaced, and no longer than 5000 words, or about 10 pages single spaced.

Eligible Work: You need not be an undergraduate to submit your work; however, submissions should include work that was mainly completed as an undergraduate student in cognitive science related fields. Research and papers done for classes, honors theses, and independent work are all welcome. Students must include a sponsoring statement from their faculty advisor to assure the quality of work and that all ethical considerations, if applicable, have been followed.

Submission Type: There are two types of submissions, empirical and theoretical, both of which should both focus on the impact of the research. For empirical work, methods should not be overly detailed, and there should be more emphasis on setting up the problem and the implications of your findings. The what, why, how, and impact of this work should be clear. Similarly, theoretical work should include a clear overview of what you are researching and the impact of your conclusions. This is to ensure both brevity and readability for people of all expertise.

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Decision Making

Decision making involves fundamental research into the knowledge and the strategies that people bring to bear in reasoning and in solving problems. This pursuit raises issues of knowledge-acquisition, learning, and representation, and makes close contact with purely formal and computational studies in computational logic and artificial intelligence.


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Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience is the study of biological processes that underlie cognition, with specific emphasis on the brain, its neural connections, and how they related to mental functioning. Our faculty research the more microscopic mechanisms studied in cellular biology, biochemistry, and genetics. Several of our faculty relates cognitive theories to data collected from clinical neurology and other patient populations.


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Meet Our Core Faculty

Cortex Learning Epigenetics & Function (CLEF) Lab

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Photos of cogsci majors at summer Aresty poster session 2018
CogSci Major Students at Summer Aresty Poster Session 2018



Spring 2018




Feb. 26-27 Alvin Goldman Retirement Conference  Alexander Library, College Ave. Campus
Apr. 13 RuCCS Honoring the Legacy of Jerry Fodor New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick
Apr. 14 RuCCS Current Investigations in Bilingualism Philosophy Department, College Ave. Campus
Apr. 17 RuCCS Panel Discussion: The social/Ethical Implications of AI Voorhees Hall, College Ave. Campus
Apr. 23 "Visual representation under the surface of awareness"
RuCCS/LVR 5th Béla Julesz Lecture on Brain Research -
Dov Sagi, Weizmann Institute of Science
Fiber Optics Materials Research Building, Busch Campus
Apr. 27-28 Rutgers-Bochum Mind and Language Workshop Philosophy Dept., College Ave. Campus
May 1 RuCCS Annual Perceptual Science Forum  CoRE Building Lobby, Busch Campus
May 25 RuCCS Conference in Honor of Jan J. Koenderink Academic Building, College Ave. Campus
May 30-June 1 "Computation, Cognition and the Brain"
RuCCS/Psychology/Computer Science Computational
Neuroscience Workshop
Academic Building, College Ave. Campus
TBD Rutgers University: Honoring the Legacy of Jerry Fodor TBD