Incoming Grad Student, Richa Rai, Awarded an Excellence Fellowship

RUCCS Graduate ProgramIncoming graduate student in Psychology, Richa Rai, was awarded an Excellence Fellowship by the Dean’s office. This is a competitive fellowship, offered to a limited number of students who demonstrate outstanding qualifications. She will be working with Elizabeth Torres (Psychology).


RuCCS - The Only Unit Entered Into the Entrepreneurial Award Program

RuCCS was selected as the only unit in SAS to be entered into the Entrepreneurial Award Program, which offers funds and support to initiate a collaborative exchange with Chinese students.

Dr. Paul Pietroski Released His New Book

pietroski bookDr. Paul Pietroski (Philosophy) released his book to critical acclaim that argues for a version of “semantic internalism” and proposes an original account of how language works entitled, Conjoining Meanings: Semantics without Truth Values.




Dr. Michmizos wins the Intel Grant Award on Neuromorphic Computing

michmizosKonstantinos Michmizos won an Intel Grant Award on Neuromorphic Computing for his single-PI proposal entitled "Spike-based Active SLAM for autonomous robots developing action habits."

Konstantinos's efforts are timely placing our Department at the center of the emerging Neuromorphic Community and introduces Rutgers as one of the 10 research universities in the world having access to Intel's unique neuromorphic chip.


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Dr. Musolino Recipient of 2018 SAS Award for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education

2018 SAS Awards Julien

The awards were announced at a May 1 ceremony at Rutgers Hillel and honored seventeen teachers--from faculty members to graduate students--for accomplishments both within and beyond the classroom.

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