USA Today ranks a Rutgers NB Psychology major 10th in nation.

Rutgers University is one of the top public research schools in the country and serves as the flagship campus for the state university of New Jersey. This school works to provide students with a quality education through access to state-of-the-art academic centers and institutes.

Of its many excellent academic programs, the psychology program is one of the best. It is dedicated to helping student understand the connection between the way we think and our behavior. Students take classes in behavioral and systems neuroscience, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology and social psychology.

degree from Rutgers helps graduates land jobs earning an average starting salary of $38,000 and mid-career salary of $80,000.

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Prof. Elizabeth B. Torres awarded The Board of Trustees Fellowship for Scholarly Excelence

On May 5th, 2015 Prof. Elizabeth B. Torres was awarded The Board of Trustees Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence in recognition of her important and original contributions to our understanding of the neural control of movement and of the interrelations between motor and cognitive phenomena.

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"A New Mother Comes Out of Coma with the Help of a Rutgers Professor"

A frantic phone call to Rutgers neuroscientist Elizabeth Torres from a colleague whose pregnant wife had slipped into a coma has led to the use of sensors that can detect visually imperceptible motions in a comatose person, proving she had some awareness, that she was struggling to communicate, and that her condition was slowly improving.

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Do We Control Our Food Choices?

What makes you choose a salad over a hamburger? Different strategies from packaging to presentation influence our decisions to eat healthy food and junk food alike. Watch our video to learn more about food framing and how it shapes our diets. The video pertains to Drs. Chapman and Policastro's Byrne Seminar entitled, "Hunger Frames".


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