TR-1 Alan Prince 
In Defense of the Number i : Anatomy of a Linear Dynamical Model of Linguistic Generalizations (PDF) 
TR-2 Alan Prince & Paul Smolensky
Optimality Theory: Constraint Interaction in Generative Grammar (PDF)
TR-3 John McCarthy & Alan Prince
Prosodic Morphology I: Constraint Interaction and Satisfaction (PDF)
TR-4 Jane Grimshaw
Minimal Projection, Heads, and Optimality (PDF)
TR-5 Stephen Stich & Ian Ravenscroft
What is Folk Psychology? (PDF)
TR-6 Jacob Feldman
Perceptual Categories and World Regularities (PDF)
TR-7 John McCarthy & Alan Prince
Generalized Alignment (PDF)
TR-8 Zenon Pylyshyn
Some Primitive Mechanisms underlying Spatial Attention (PDF)
TR-9 Stephen Stich & Stephen Laurence
Intentionality & Naturalism (PDF)
TR-10 Alan Leslie
Pretending and Believing: Issues in the theory of ToMM (PDF)
TR-11 Stephen Stich & Shaun Nichols
Second Thoughts on Simulation (PDF)
TR-12 Alan Leslie
A Theory of Agency (PDF)
TR-13 Jerry Fodor
Concepts: A Tutorial Introduction
TR-14 Sven Dickinson & Dimitri Metaxas
Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Shape Recovery (PDF)
TR-15 David Wilkes, Sven Dickinson & John Tsotsos
A Computational Model of View Degeneracy and its Application to Active Focal Length Control (PDF)
TR-16 Alan Leslie & Tim German
Knowledge and ability in "theory of mind": One-eyed overview of a debate (PDF) 
TR-17 Jerry Fodor & Ernie Lepore
The Red Herring and the Pet Fish; Why Concepts Still Can't be Prototypes (PDF)
TR-18 Suzanne Stevenson
A Competitive Attachment Model for Resolving Syntactic Ambiguities in Natural Language Parsing (PDF)
TR-19 Jerry Fodor & Ernie Lepore
What Can't be Evaluated, Can't Be Evaluated; and It Can't Be Supervalued Either (PDF)
TR-20 Ehud Rivlin, Sven Dickinson & Azriel Rosenfeld
Recognition by Functional Parts (PDF)
TR-21 Jacob Feldman 
Regularity-based Perceptual Grouping (PDF)
TR-22 Jacquelyn Burkell & Zenon Pylyshyn
Searching through selected subsets of visual displays: A test of the FINST Indexing Hypothesis (PDF)
TR-23 Ilona Kovacs
Gestalten of today: Early processing of visual contours and surfaces (PDF)
TR-24 Suzanne Stevenson & Paola Merlo
Lexical Structure and Processing Complexity (PDF)
TR-25 Paola Merlo & Suzanne Stevenson
Integrating Statistical and Structural Information in a Distributed Architecture for Syntactic Disambiguation (PDF)
TR-26 Sven Dickinson, Henrik Christensen, John Tsotsos & Goran Olofsson
Active Object Recognition Integrating Attention and Viewpoint Control (PDF)
TR-27 Jerry Fodor & Ernie Lepore
The Emptiness of the Lexicon: Critical Reflections on J. Pustejovsky's "The Generative Lexicon" (PDF)
TR-28 Sven Dickinson, Dimitri Metaxas & Alex Pentland
The Role of Model-Based Segmentation in the Recovery of Volumetric Parts from Range Data (PDF)
TR-29 Sven Dickinson, Robert Bergevin, Irving Biederman, Jan-Olof Eklundh, Roger Munck-Fairwood, Anil K. Jain & Alex Pentland
Panel Report: The Potential of Geons for Generic 3-D Object Recognition (PDF)
TR-30 Sven Dickinson & Dimitri Metaxas
Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Object Representations in the Recovery and Tracking of 3-D Shape (PDF)
TR-31 Alan Prince
Gradient Ascent in a Linear Inhibitory Network (PDF) 
TR-32 John McCarthy & Alan Prince
Prosodic Morphology 1986 (PDF)
TR-33 Ilona Kovács, Ákos Fehér & Bela Julesz
Medial-point Description of Shape: A Representation for Action Coding and its Psychophysical Correlates (PDF)
TR-34 Jerry Fodor & Ernie Lepore
Morphemes matter; the continuing case against lexical decomposition (Or: Please don't play that again, Sam)* (PDF)
TR-35 Thomas Papathomas & Andrei Gorea & Ákos Fehér & Tiffany Conway
Attention Based Texture Segregation (PDF)
TR-36 Ali Shokoufandeh & Ivan Marsic & Sven Dickinson
View-Based Object Recognition Using Saliency Maps (PDF)
TR-37 Sven Dickinson & Dimitri Metaxas
Using Aspect Graphs to Control the Recovery and Tracking of Deformable Model (PDF)
TR-38 Zenon Pylyshyn
Is Vision Continuous with Cognition? -- The Case for Cognitive Impenetrability of Visual Perception (PDF)
TR-39 Ali Shokoufandeh & Kaleem Siddiqi & Steven Zucker & Sven Dickinson
Shock Graphs and Shape Matching (PDF)
TR-40 Brian Scholl & Zenon Pylyshyn
Tracking Multiple Items Through Occlusion: Clues to Visual Objecthood (PDF)
TR-41 Patrice Tremoulet
Individuation and Identification of Physical Objects: Evidence From Human Infants (PDF)
TR-42 Jacob Feldman
The Role of Objects in Perceptual Grouping (PDF)
TR-43 Ernest Lepore & Kirk Ludwig
The Semantics and Pragmatics of Complex Demonstratives (PDF)
TR-44  Matthew Stone
Modality in Dialogue: Planning, Pragmatics, and Computation (PDF)
TR-45 Shaun Nichols & Stephen Stich
A Cognitive Theory of Pretense (PDF)
TR-46 Jerry Fodor & Ernest Lepore
All At Sea in Semantic Space: Churchland on Meaning Similarity (PDF)
TR-47  Jerry Fodor & Ernest Lepore
Why Compositionality Won't Go Away: Reflections on Horwich's "Deflationary" Theory (PDF)
TR-48  Doug DeCarlo
Generation, Estimation and Tracking of Faces (PDF)
TR-49 Matthew Stone
Reference to Possible Worlds (PDF)
TR-50 Shaun Nichols & Stephen Stich
Reading One's Own Mind: A Cognitive Theory of Self Awareness (PDF)
TR-51 Doug DeCarlo & Dimitris Metaxas
Adjusting Model Parameters using Model- Based Optical Flow Residuals (PDF)
TR-52 Christopher R. Sears & Zenon W. Pylyshyn 
Multiple Object Tracking and Attentional Processing (PDF)
TR-53 Zenon W. Pylyshyn
Connecting Vision with the World: Tracing the Missing Link (PDF)
TR-54 Alan Prince & Bruce Tesar
Learning Phonotactic Distributions (PDF)
TR-55 Matthew Stone
First-order Multi-Modal Deduction (PDF)
TR-56 Matthew Stone
Indefinite Information in Modal Logic Programming (PDF)
TR-57 Vieri Samek-Lodovici & Alan Prince
Optima (PDF)
TR-58 Bruce Tesar
Using Inconsistency Detection to Overcome Structural Ambiguity in Language Learning (PDF)
TR-59 Luca Surian & Alan M. Leslie
Competence and Performance in false belief understanding: A Comparison of autistic and normal three-year-old children. (PDF)
TR-60 Alan M. Leslie
How to acquire a 'representational theory of mind'. (PDF)
TR-61 Alan M. Leslie
Theory of mind 'as a mechanism of selective attention. (PDF)
TR-62 Alan M. Leslie, Patrice D. Tremoulet, Fei Xu & Brian J. Scholl
Indexing and the object concept: Developing 'what' and 'where' systems. (PDF)
TR-63 Alan M. Leslie & Pamela Polizzi
Inhibitory processing in the false belief task: Two conjectures. (PDF)
TR-64 Alan M. Leslie & Brian J. Scholl
Modularity, Development, and 'Theory of Mind'. (PDF)
TR-65 Matthew Stone, Christine Doran, Bonnie Weber, Tonia Bleam, Martha Palmer
Microplanning with Communicative Intentions: The SPUD System (PDF)
TR-66 Jacob Feldman
A Catalog of Boolean Concepts (PDF)
TR-67 Rochel Gelman
Cognitive Development (PDF)
TR-68 Matthew Stone, Jennifer J. Venditti, Preetham Nanda, Paul Tepper
Toward an account of accented pronoun interpretation in discourse context: Evidence from eye-tracking (PDF)
TR-69 Ernie Lepore, Kent Johnson
Does Syntax Reveal Semantics? A Case Study of Complex Demonstratives (PDF)
TR-70 Ernie Lepore, Herman Cappelen
Radical and Moderate Pragmatics: Does Meaning Determine Truth Conditions? (PDF)
TR-71 Vieri Samek-Lodovici and Alan Prince
Fundamental Properties of Harmonic Bounding (PDF)
TR-72 John Alderete, Bruce Tesar
Learning Covert Phonological Interaction: An Analysis of the Problem Posed by the Interaction of Stress and Epenthesis (PDF)
TR-73 Jacob Feldman, Manish Singh
Information Along Contours and Object Boundaries (PDF)
TR-74 Jacob Feldman & Patrice D. Tremoulet
Individuation of visual objects over time (PDF)
TR-75 Jerry Fodor & Ernie Lepore
Context & Compositionality (PDF)
TR-76 Karin Stromswold and Ellyn Sheffield
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Noise & Language Development (PDF)
TR-77 Karin Stromswold
Why aren't identical twins linguistically identical? Genetic, prenatal, and postnatal factors. (PDF)
TR-78 Karin Stromswold
Genetic Specificity of Linguistic Heritability. (PDF)
TR-79 Karin Stromswold
The Nature and Acquisition of Lexical and Functional Categories. (PDF)
Note: TR#79 is dated 1994 and pre-dates some of the above TR's.
TR-80 Jacob Feldman
Bayes and the Simplicity Principle in Perception. (PDF)
TR-81 Karin Stromswold
Genetics and the Evolution of Language: What genetic studies reveal about the evolution of language. (PDF)
TR-82 Karin Stromswold
Biological and Psychosocial Factors Affect Linguistic and Cognitive Development Differently: A Twin Study. (PDF)
TR-83 Karin Stromswold
The Validity of the Parent Administered Language (PAL) Test for Preschool-Aged Children (PDF)
TR-84 Karin Stromswold, Ellyn Sheffield, Debra Truit, and Diane Molnar
Parents Can Test Preschool Children's Language: the Parent-Administered Language (PAL) (PDF)
TR-85 Karin Stromswold
Why Children Understand and Misunderstand Sentences: An Eye-tracking Study of Passive Sentences (PDF)
TR-86 Karin Stromswold
Glucocorticosteroids selectively impair language development (PDF)
TR-87 Jacob Feldman & Patrice D. Tremoulet
The Attribution of Mental Architecture from Motion: Towards a Computational Theory (PDF)
TR-88 Choon-Kyu Lee & Karin Stromswold
Relative-clause processing in Korean adults: Effects of constituent order and prosody. (PDF)
TR-89 Nora Isacoff & Karin Stromswold
Lions And Tigers And Bears: Are They Merely Mammals Or Really Scary? (PDF)
TR-90 Nora Isacoff & Karin Stromswold
Not All Verbal Fluency Tasks Are Created Equal: Lexical Access from 3 to 5 (PDF)