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RuCCS/LVR 6th Julesz Lecture on Brain Research: "Perception, Art, and Illusion", Brian Rogers (University of Oxford, Dept of Experimental Psychology, Medical Sciences Division)

1:00 pm USA-ET / 10:00 am USA-PT / 6:00 pm GMT

Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 01:00pm

via Zoom (pre-register)

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Brian Roger's Website

Abstract: Perception, Art and Illusion
What is ‘perception’? What does it mean to perceive? What are the similarities and differences between our everyday perception of the surrounding world and our perception of artworks? How can perceptual research help us to understand art and, conversely, how can the study of art help us to understand the processes of perception? And what is an ‘illusion’? Are all our perceptions ‘illusions’? These are some of the questions that I would like to address in the 2021 Sixth Julesz Lecture. Much of what has been written about relevance of perceptual research to art has focused on low-level mechanisms such as seeing edges, contrast and colour but these aspects of perception are of little interest to artists. Instead, I would like to argue that we need to think about perception as an ability to extract meaning - what the world offers us - from sensory stimulation, and that this is just as relevant to the perception of art as it is to our everyday perception of the surrounding world.