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Invitations to Industry - Bob Lindner, Founder & CSO at Veda Data Solutions

Thursday, April 21, 2022, 12:00pm

via Zoom

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Dr. Lindner is a full-stack data scientist who designs and builds cloud-based machine learning systems. His PhD research specialized in linking disparate datasets, data processing automation, and extracting statistically robust conclusions from data. Bob is an alumnus of Rutgers University where he earned a PhD in Physics and an alumnus of University of Wisconsin-Madison where he earned his BS in Mathematics & Physics as well as completed a postdoc in Astrophysics and Machine Learning.

"Your data powered by Veda. What happens when a political entrepreneur and astronomer share the same vision? Innovation. At Veda, we’re on a mission to accelerate patients’ ability to access the care they need, reduce financial loss in the healthcare system, and create efficiencies that drive healthcare innovation. Our founders are motivated by a belief that the tools to make a better world are being developed right now by talented scientists around the globe, and we can harness those tools to solve the problems impacting people every day. We empower young and talented researchers to focus their efforts on creating products that lead to better health outcomes and access to care for patients, while encouraging their natural desire to experiment and discover. Veda was founded by an astronomer and a political entrepreneur, Dr. Bob Lindner and Meghan Gaffney. Bob’s research looked to the stars, using machine learning to uncover how galaxies were formed. Meghan’s career was focused closer to Earth, bringing together constellations of political and community leaders to solve problems in healthcare, energy, and the environment. Veda remains rooted in our founders’ shared passion for connecting innovation and practical problem solving. Today, over 15 million people rely on Veda's tools to power the healthcare industry."

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