Spring 2018




Feb. 26-27 Alvin Goldman Retirement Conference  Alexander Library, College Ave. Campus
Apr. 14 RuCCS Workshop on Bilingualism Philosophy Department, College Ave. Campus
Apr. 23 RuCCS/LVR 5th Béla Julesz Lecture on Brain Research -
Dov Sagi, Weizmann Institute of Science
Fiber Optics Materials Research Building, Busch Campus
Apr. 24 RuCCS Panel Event on Robots College Ave. Campus, Voorhees Hall
Apr. 27-28 RuCCS/Philosophy Bochum-Rutgers College Ave. Campus Student Center
May 1 RuCCS Annual Perceptual Science Forum  CoRE Building Lobby, Busch Campus
May 25 RuCCS Conference in Honor of Jan J. Koenderink Philosophy Department, College Ave. Campus
May 29-June 2 RuCCS/Psychology Computational Neuroscience Conference TBD
TBD Rutgers University: Honoring the Legacy of Jerry Fodor TBD

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