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List of Past Events

Neural mechanisms supporting the development of visual motion perception

Dr. Lynne Kiorpes

Monday, November 19, 2007, 01:00pm - 02:00pm

New York University, Center for Neural Science

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We use a developmental strategy to study the neural mechanisms underlying perception. Infants see poorly. Given normal visual experience, vision develops to adult levels over months or years after birth. By comparing behavioral and neural changes during development we seek to identify the mechanisms that limit perceptual performance. In this talk, I will describe behavioral and neurophysiological studies of the development of motion perception in macaque monkeys. We have identified immaturities in the early visual pathways � from the LGN through MT � in young animals that reflect sensitivity as measured behaviorally. However, these are not uniformly sufficient to explain the poor visual performance of infants. Therefore, there must be additional sites downstream in the visual pathways that impose limits on perceptual development.

Background Reading:

Development of sensitivity to visual motion in macaque monkeys

Dr. Lynne Kiorpes