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Computational Models for Skin and other Surface Texture

Dr. Kristin Dana

Monday, December 10, 2007, 01:00pm - 02:00pm

Rutgers University, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Human skin texture has complex geometry and local optical properties due to multiple layers and spatially varying structures such as pores, wrinkles, hairs and other variations. Surface detail� is a necessary component for characterization and change detection. Modeling surface detail is�fundamentally different from objectmodeling because a geometry + shading model is inadequate. Fine�scale geometry in skin morphology is difficult to measure. Our approach to skin modeling uses the bidirectional�� texturefunction. We develop models of surface texture and demonstrate their use in recognition tasks.�For measurement, we develop a texture camera to obtain reflectance and surface height variation using�curved mirrors. We also investigate appearance model for objects with fine scale surface geometry superimposed� on global geometry. A key example is the human face where the shape of the head, eyes, nose and mouth�comprise the global geometry but surface details such as pores and wrinkles are an important component of�appearance.The resulting model has implications for recognition, rendering as well as and skin change detection for dermatology.

Dr. Kristin Dana