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Computational Symmetry

Dr. Yanxi Liu

Monday, February 04, 2008, 01:00pm - 02:00pm

The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

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Symmetry is an essential mathematical concept, as well as a ubiquitous,
observable phenomenon in nature, science and art. Symmetry implies a
potential structural efficiency gain that makes it universally appealing,
especially to computational science. Much of our understanding and
appreciation of the world is based on the perception and recognition of
shared or repeated patterns. Recognition and categorization of symmetry and
regularity is the first step towards capturing the essential elements of a
problem, while at the same time minimizing computational redundancy. Our
research in the realm of �Computational Symmetry� explores the use of
symmetry groups and their statistical deviations in a wide range of
applications in computer vision, computer graphics, robotics and medical
image analysis, including texture regularity discovery, texture analysis,
synthesis, tracking and manipulation, human gait recognition, human
identification, expression classification, robotics assembly planning,
computer aided diagnosis of degenerative neurological disorders from
structural MR images, and qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the
firing fields of grid cells in rat brains. The central theme of this talk
exposes an important emerging research area, and the promise and perils of
making the mathematical concept of symmetry group theory computationally
feasible for real world problems.

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Dr. Yanxi Liu