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Symmetry Analysis and its Applications in Computer Graphics

Thomas Funkhouser

Monday, September 29, 2008, 01:00pm - 02:00pm

Department of Computer Science, Princeton University

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Symmetry is an important cue for many applications in computer
graphics, geometric modeling, and computer vision. Yet, it is only
recent that symmetry has received much attention in computer graphics.
In this talk, I will describe computational methods to analyze,
represent, and utilize the symmetries of a 3D object, focusing on
representations that describe partial and approximate symmetries of a
surface mesh with respect to planar reflections. I will describe
frequency-domain and Monte Carlo algorithms to compute the representations
and applications in computer graphics, including shape matching,
segmentation of meshes into parts, surface remeshing, surface
beautification, and automatic viewpoint selection.

Background reading:
Symmetry-Aware Mesh Processing
A. Golovinskiy, J. Podolak, T. Funkhouser
Technical Report TR-782-07, Princeton University

Thomas Funkhouser