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To promote international collaborations in the behavioral and neural phenotyping of genetically manipulated mice, with a particular focus on mechanisms of cognition, learning and memory.

Behavioral Neurogenetics Screening Workshop

Thursday, November 20, 2008, 09:00am - 10:00am

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09:30  Remarks by Randy Gallistel, Rutgers

09:45  Melitta Schachner, Rutgers, Keck Institute & Center for Molecular Biology, Hamburg

10:15  Lou Matzel, Rutgers, Psychology

10:45  Poster Viewing in the Atrium

11:15  Valter Tucci, Italian Institute of Technologies, Genoa

11:45  Lei Yu, Rutgers, CAS & Genetics

12:15  Poster Viewing in the Atrium

01:45  Randy Gallistel, Rutgers, Cognitive Science

02:15  Zhonghshen Sun, Head Behavioral Genetics Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

02:45  Poster Viewing in the Atrium

03:15  Stathis Papachristos from Ype Elgersma's lab, Erasmus Medical College, Rotterdam

03:45  York Winter, University of Bielefeld, Biology, Germany

04:15  Gleb Shumyatsky, Rutgers, Genetics

04:45  Richard Nowakowski, UMDNJ, Neuroscience

05:15  Closing Remarks by Randy Gallistel, Rutgers



Liu Yang, Wei Dai, Zhongsheng Sun

Human 9K CpG island Array-based methylation profiling and Genome-wide enrichment of methylated DNA fragment


Jing Zhang, Huili Li, Zhongshen Sun

Spinal Substance P mediates the inflammatory circadian pain sensation


Valter Tuci, C. Randy Gallistel, Patrick Nolan

Timing phenotypes in the mouse


N.C.H. Zuiderveen Borgesius, G.M. van Woerden, Y. Elgersma

The role of-CaMKII in hippocampal plasticity


S. Goorden, G.M. van Woerden, L. van der Weerd, J.P. Cheadle, Y. Elgersma

The role of the TSC genes in learning, social behavior and synaptic plasticity


G.M. van Woerden, F.E. Hoebeek, R.Y. Nagaraja, Z. Ghao, M. de Jeu, C. Hansel, C.I. de Zeeuw, Y. Elgersma

Bidirectional inversion of Purkinje cell plasticity and cerebellar ataxia in CaMK2-/-mice


E.B. Papachristos, C.R. Gallistel

Effects of number and spacing of conditioning sessions on spontaneous recovery from extinction


E.B. Papachristos, F. Balci, C. Randy Gallistel, M. Schachner, G.P. Shumyatsky

Screening for memory mutants with matching and timing tasks


E.B. Papachristos, Y. Elgersma

Foraging efficiency and temporal memory of CaMKII mutant mice


F. Balci, A. Rooney, D. Brunner

Timing Performance of R6/2 Transgenic Mouse Model for Huntington's Disease


F. Balci, D. Freestone, C. Randy Gallistel

Optimal Risk Assessment in Man and Mouse


F Balci, EA Ludvig, JM Gibson, BD Allen, KM Frank, BJ Kapustinski, TE Fedolak, D Brunner

Pharmacological manipulations of interval timing on the peak procedure in male C3H mice


Kenneth Light, Stefan Kolata, David Townsend, Henya Grossman, Louis D. Matzel

Age-Related Declines in General Cognitive Abilities are Associated with Variations in Working Memory Span, Capacity, and Body Weight in Genetically Heterogeneous Mice.


Stefan Kolata, Junfang Wu, Kenneth Light, Melitta Schachner, Louis D. Matzel

Impaired Working Memory Duration but Normal Learning Abilities in Mice Conditionally Deficient in CHL1


Alan Daniel, C. R. Gallistel

Sign Tracking and Goal Tracking in Stathmin KO mice: Implications for rate-of-learning screens


Alan Daniel, C. Randy Gallistel

Importance of Dependent Variable Choice when Interpreting Behavioral Phenomena: A cautionary tale with stathmin knockout mice 

Behavioral Neurogenetics Screening Workshop