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Variability in Connectivity: Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Laleh Najafizadeh

Monday, April 13, 2015, 12:00pm - 07:00pm

Rutgers University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Our cognitive abilities including the way we learn, perceive, execute tasks, make decisions or improve with training vary widely from one another, and change as we age. Such variability may be attributed to variations in genes, brain's structure and function, and the level of environmental influences on neural functional organization. Majority of functional neuroimaging studies however, are conducted based on an "aggregate-then-analyze" approach, thereby overshadowing variations at different scales.  One of the interesting aspects of studying brain's functional architecture is the concept of functional connectivity, which aims to investigate the interactions among different regions of the brain either when the brain is at rest (known as resting state connectivity), or when it is engaged in executing a task (known as task-based connectivity). In this talk I will discuss how studies of functional connections can be utilized to investigate variability.

Dr. Laleh Najafizadeh