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Probing the Loss of Information in Early Sensory Representations with Metameric Stimuli

Dr. Eero Simoncelli

Tuesday, May 03, 2016, 11:00am - 12:30pm

New York University, Departments of Neural Science, Mathematics, and Psychology

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Perceptual metamers - stimuli that differ physically, but appear the same - played a fundamental role in the development of the trichromatic theory of human color vision. Vision scientists of the 19th century used these stimuli to precisely characterize key properties of the early visual system, allowing the standardization of color representations for engineered devices. I'll discuss recent work in which we have used simple cascaded models of the early visual and auditory systems to predict the existence of new forms of metameric stimuli. In particular, I’ll describe the methods by which we generate such stimuli, and a set of perceptual and physiological studies aimed at validating and further refining the models from which they are derived. I'll also briefly discuss implications for engineered systems.

Dr. Eero Simoncelli (PerSci Forum Tuesday Talk)