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Areas of visual information utilized by humans in multispectral fused imagery using classification images

Monday, September 26, 2016, 12:00pm - 01:00pm

National Research Council Resident Research Associate at Air Force Research Laboratory, 711HPW/RHCV

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The human visual system can be highly impacted by changes to visual presentation. Understanding these impacts has been of great interest in both the vision sciences and applied research. The current project bridges these two worlds, using noise masking techniques from visual perception to study the influence of image enhancements upon the visual system. In a series of experiments, I examined human information usage over imagery captured in various spectral bands (e.g. visible, thermal) and fused (i.e. algorithmically combined) via techniques intended to improve vision. Using response classification, I derived classification images, behavioral maps of the areas of a stimulus most affecting perception, from participants completing a basic two-choice task. Results indicated the information utilized varied dependent upon image type. This, in conjunction with human efficiency differences, provides the general framework for analyzing the influence of multifaceted image enhancements in direct relation to the visual system.

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Dr. Jennifer L. Bittner