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"Agents and Agentivity " -- Shannon Bryant, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate, Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science (RuCCS)

Thursday, February 15, 2024, 02:00pm - 03:30pm

152 Frelinghuysen Rd, Psych Bldg. Busch Campus,RuCCS, Room A139

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Shannon received her PhD in Linguistics from Harvard University. She works at the interface of syntax and semantics, with a particular interest in the interplay between language and concepts. Drawing from a mix of experimental methods and theoretical perspectives, her research addresses questions like: How does the architecture of human language reflect the way we mentally model the world around us? How do the grammatical choices we encounter help shape the mental models we build? What are
the basic building blocks of linguistic meaning, and how are these building blocks bundled up across languages? Specific topics she
has worked on include binding and reflexivity, argument structure, clausal complementation, and attitude reports


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