What is Cognitive Science

Automated Human Motion Analysis for Detecting Behavioral Patterns

Dr. Dimitri Metaxas

Thursday, October 25, 2012, 12:00pm - 07:00pm

Rutgers University, Department of Computer Science and Computational Biomedicine, Imaging, and Modeling Center

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Many of our cognitive abilities, state and intentions can be revealed from our behaviors. In this talk we will present a general framework for human motion and behavior analysis that is based on facial and body movement estimations. We will first present an automated facial tracker to track facial features for expression analysis. This includes eye tracking and multiscale body motion analysis. We will then present the use of these methods in various important applications such as deception detection, emotion recognition, autism, alcohol studies, space applications and sign language. Our long term goal is to develop a theory for human behavior analysis and its relationship to brain activity.

 This is collaborative work with: M. Bates (Rutgers), J. Burgoon (UA), C. Neidle (BU), E. Torres (Rutgers), D. Dinges (UPENN), B. Zucker (Michigan)

 PhD Students: N. Michael, S. Zhang, M. Dilsizian, F. Yang and  P. Yang

Dr. Dimitri Metaxas

"What is Cognitive Science?"

This lunchtime talks series is designed to introduce the University community to issues in Cognitive Science. Cognitive Science is one the the few fields where modern developments in computer science and artificial intelligence promise to shed light on classical problems in psychology and the philosophy of the mind. Ancient questions of how we see the world, understand language, and reason, and questions such as 'how a material system can know about the outside world', are being explored with the powerful new conceptual prosthetics of computer modeling.

The talks in this lunchtime lecture series are every Thursday during the Fall semester from ** 12:00-1:00 ** in the Psychology Building, Room 101 on  Busch Campus.

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