Projects in the Laboratory for Cognitive Development and Learning

Poster 1 - APS 2001(.pdf)
Poster 2 - APS 2001(.pdf)
Poster 3 - "Three- and Four-Year-Olds Judge Animacy Using Non-Motion Cues"(.pdf)
Poster 4 - "Young Children's Graphing - SRCD 2005"(.pdf)
Poster 5 - "By way of Comparison: Scientific Reasoning in Preschool and Early Elementary School Children"(.pdf) (.ppt)
Poster 6 - "Preschool Pathways to Science: Fostering and Assessing Scientific Reasoning in Preschoolers"(.pdf)
Poster 7 - "Science In the Classroom: Finding a Balance between Autonomous Exploration and Teacher-led Instruction in Preschool Settings"(.pdf)  (.ppt)
Poster 8: "Preschool Engineers?: Young Children Coordinate Material and Design Properties to Judge Functional Capacities" - CDS 2009(.pdf)
Poster 9: "Hole-d Everything: How Preschoolers Label and Reason about Holes " - SRCD 2011(.pdf)

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