Queens College, New York                            1968-1972  B.A.         1972   Psychology
      University of Maryland at College Park          1972-1978  Ph.D        1978   Psychology
      New York University, NY                             1978-1980 NRSA Postdoctoral fellow



      Elected fellow, AAAS, 2014.

      Davida Teller Award, Vision Sciences Society, 2013

      Elected fellow, Society for Experimental Psychologists, 2013

      Warren E. Susman Award for Teaching, 2009

      Elected fellow, Association for Psychological Science

      24th Swammerdam Lecturer, the Netherlands Academy of Sciences



       School of Graduate Studies, Rutgers University
                  Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 2009-present
                  Executive Board, Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science

       Department of Psychology, Rutgers University
                  Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychology, Rutgers University 2009-present
                  Professor, 1993 - 2009
                  Associate Professor, 1986 - 1993
                  Assistant Professor, 1980 - 1986

        Department of Psychology, N.Y.U. NIH Postdoctoral Fellow (NRSA), 1978 - 1980


PRESIDENT, Vision Sciences Society, 2021-2022;


ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Journal of Vision, January 2013-2017

SECTION EDITOR: Vision Research (Behavioral Physiology and visuomotor control) 1995-2004.

EDITORIAL BOARDS: Journal of Vision (2003-present), Cognitive Brain Research (2000-2004), Psychological Review (2010-2012)

STUDY SECTION MEMBER: Visual Sciences B, NIH, 1999-2003

OTHER: Executive Committee, Vision Sciences Society (2004); Nominating Committee, Vision Sciences Society (2008-9)



“REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) SITE: Perceptual science and perceptual technologies”.  (co-PI).  NSF:CISE. April, 2011-March, 2014.

“Perceptual-motor anticipation in individuals with autism spectrum disorder”.   (co-PI).  NJ Governor’s council.  Sept, 2010- June, 2013.

“Innovation through Institutional Integration:  Institutionalizing IGERT Innovations at Rutgers”        (co-PI).  NSF/DUE.  Sept, 2009-Sept 2015

“IGERT:  Interdisciplinary Training in Perceptual Science”.(PI)   NSF. (DGE-0549115) 2006-2015.

“Eye movements and vision” NIH/NEI, July 2004-June 2011

“Eye movements and vision”, NIH/NEI, ARRA supplement 2009-10.

Conference support grants, “Eye movements and vision in the natural world”, NSF, ONR , June, 2000-May, 2001.

 “Eye movements and visual scene memory”, NIMH predoctoral award sponsor for David Melcher.

"Interdisciplinary Training in Vision".  AASERT award, Department of Defense.  July, 1993 - June, 1996.

"Eye movements and visual information processing."  Air Force Office of Scientific Research 1981-2004



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