Thinking about graduate study in cognitive psychology?

  • The study of early cognitive development is central to cognitive science. It has also provided many of its most exciting recent discoveries.
  • Our lab is especially interested in early concept development and domain-specific learning. We investigate these topics by designing and carrying out experiments. (More information)
  • We may have an opening for one new graduate student in Fall 2012 to be advised by Prof. Alan Leslie.

If you would like to join our lab ...

you should apply to the Ph. D. program of the Cognitive Area of the Department of Psychology. It is also possible to arrange a jointly advised Ph.D program through one of the other departments that participate in the Center for Cognitive Science.

Funding for successful applicants is available for US citizens and residents. Full funding is also available for foreign nationals (more information).

You can get further information about graduate study in Psychology at Rutgers (New Brunswick) by going to:
Psychology Department Graduate Programs 
Or apply online.

Rutgers is one of the world's leading centers for the study of cognitive science.

Usually, my grad students also study for the Certificate in Cognitive Science
For more information about cognitive science at Rutgers:
Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science.