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ShapeToolbox: A matlab package for Bayesian estimation of shape skeletons


   See Feldman, J. and Singh, M. (2006) Bayesian estimation of the shape skeleton. PNAS, 103(47), 18014–18019.


ITSDTtools: A Matlab package for computing quantities of Information-Theoretic Signal Detection Theory (IT-SDT) 

   See Feldman, J. (2021). Information-theoretic signal detection theory. Psychological Review, 128(5), 976-987.






Concept Algebra Toolbox (CAT): A Matlab package for computing the complexity of concepts with discrete features. 

   See Feldman, J. (2006) An algebra of human concept learning. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 50, 339–368.





Anomalous structure-from-motion from accretion-deletion and geometric figure-ground cues 
(with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Manish Singh)